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Additional Projects & Services

2021 – 2022 / Altenberg / Germany

New construction and modernization of combination of curves 11/12/13

2020 / Oberhof / Germany

Curve 9 and 10, calculation trajectories adapted profiles

2015-2016 / Paramonovo / Russia

Major renovation according to international standards

2013-2015 / Chusovoi / Russia

New building according to international standards

2015 / St. Moritz / Swiss

Simulation trajectories at “Horse shoe”

2015 / Sigulda / Latvia

Speed and G-Force Calculation for existing track

2013 / Chusovoi / Russia

Design of centerline, Speed- and G-force calculation for all disciplines, Run dynamics, Profiling geometry

2012 / Whistler Sliding Centre / Canada

Design and construction drawings for additional Lady- and Double Start

2009 - 2011 / Koenigssee / Germany

Re-construction track (principles for construction, formwork- and reinforcement drawings track and foundations, formwork- and reinforcement drawings buildings, platforms, bridges)

2008 / Cortina d‘Ampezzo / Italy

Inventory (digitizing) and state investigation of the track and the technical equipment reconstruction of the track in terms of future use, while respecting the historic nature of the track

2008 / Salnsjöbaden / Sweden

study for a luge track with 600 m length, artificial iced

2007 / Bakuriani / Georgia

project of a luge track with 450 m length

2007 / Altenberg / Germany

Reconstruction of the outrun of the Bobsleigh and Luge track for Bob– and Skeleton WM 2008

2005 / Krynica / Poland

Study for the construction of an artificial iced Bobsleigh and Luge track